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Biodiversity is under tremendous stress. The Living Planet Index, which measures changes in the abundance of 9,014 populations of 2,688 vertebrate wildlife species around the globe, shows an approximate 30% decline in relative, global species abundance between 1970 and 2008 (Click Here to View the Detailed Data).

Living Planet Index 2008

Living Planet Index (LPI), World Wildlife Fund & Zoological Society of London, 2012

It is indisputable that broad declines in biodiversity are caused by our human activities and “advances” in productivity, such as our continual encroachment on open space by growing population centers, ongoing habitat degradation through mining and harvesting of raw materials, mounting pollution from energy generation and industrial production, and so on. Economic growth and human prosperity seem to be at odds with biological diversity and ecological vitality.

But we can turn this ship around (and we are already on our way!). We are growing more and more aware of the reliance we and our economies have on the ecosystem services that biodiverse, resilient ecosystems provide. We are finding more and more the true “value” of biodiversity in terms of our modern, economic story.

As such, we have a tremendous, paradigm-transforming opportunity to align human advancement, productivity, and prosperity with biological and ecological preservation and vitality. is all about exploring and advancing these opportunities.

Resilience is an emergent phenomenon of natural, diverse systems. Resilience can ensure disturbances to one part of a system are dampened by the redundancy, diversity, and adaptability of other parts of a system. The dampening effect ensures that disturbances have limited effect on the whole, functioning system.

Biodiverse ecosystems exhibit resilience. Through millions of years of evolution and natural selection, resiliency has emerged. We depend on this resiliency. But it is not a guaranteed state. BioResilience, the resilience of biological and ecological systems, is something that we must steward lest our actions diminish it.

As we are part of and vitally dependent upon resilient ecosystems, our businesses, our governments, and our communities must advance BioResilience. is here to help you on your own journey as stewards, as creators of shared value, as prosperity-seeking citizens of the world.

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