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Galen Guerrero-MurphyGalen is a consultant with TRC where he provides a range of environmental and sustainability services, including biological surveys and assessment, threatened and endangered species consultations and conservation planning, wetland and habitat mitigation design and monitoring, environmental training, stormwater pollution prevention and erosion and sediment control.

His work supports prudent and proactive energy transmission and generation project planning, construction, and operations throughout the United States.

Galen received a B.S. from Stanford University in Science, Technology and Society, which contributed to his deep appreciation for interdisciplinary education and the importance it has in helping to address many of today’s pressing issues. He continued his interdisciplinary explorations at Marlboro College in southeastern Vermont, where he received his MBA in Managing for Sustainability in 2012.

Unsatisfied with the level of attention given to biodiversity, ecosystem services, and land use in sustainability discourse and many organizations’ sustainability strategies (not to mention in everyday life), Galen has launched to elevate the conversation. will evolve and reveal his vision of the opportunities, exceptional value, and fun waiting to be had by individuals and organizations who connect with biodiversity–with its wonder, its significance to our work and our lives–and the actions we can take to ensure its ongoing resilience.

Galen currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his partner, Miya, and cat, Lilu. When not blogging or helping clients, he’s bound to be out hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, or snapping wide-angle photos.

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