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Many people ask, “what is biodiversity, exactly?” Well you’ve come to the right spot! Learn more about biodiversity on this page and while exploring the included resources and references. Comment below to contribute your own resources!

A Definition of Biodiversity

Biodiversity – The multitude and variety of distinct biological forms on Earth, often referring to a measure of the total number of different species and their relative abundance for a defined space (e.g., community, region, continent, globe). Of notable importance, biodiversity includes genetic variation within and across species.


Online Resources
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) The organization responsible for preparing the IUCN Red List, a list of species by extinction risk. This is the go-to list for assessing species threat of extinction across the globe, coined “The Barometer of Life.” The IUCN has not yet completed assessing reptiles or fish, and efforts are underway to categorize plants and invertebrates. This list supports sustainability reporting under Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicator EN15.

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